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It really has been quite a week.  And even the weekend itself feels like a week.  Not I'm glad it's over because it's been dragging on or anything.  I could certainly do without work tomorrow!

On Saturday I went to the ski and snowboard expo and, because my father and I waited in the slow line even though an event guy said we had no chance of getting them, I got two tickets to Whiteface!  Very cool.  I also saw my cousin CD there selling helmets.  He's a freestyle skier and Smith is one of his sponsors, so he was at their booth.

I also found out that I can ski for free at Belleayre on my Birthday, which I fully plan on doing.  Unless our show in Dorset gets re-scheduled for that day.  We have to cancel it because it unfotunately conflicts with day two of the hiring clinic at [resort i plan to work at].

I'm revisiting that decision, however, because it's never a bad plan to examine multiple options [ski resort #2] also has mid-week lessons and his having a job fair on Tuesday, so I might go up to that if someone can be persuaded to come with me, or I feel like going by myself.  I'm also supposed to be meeting up with some nanowrimo people that afternoon at [local coffee shop].

The problem with working at [ski resort #2] is that I don't like to ski at [#2].  CD was injured at a competition there last year because their jumps were not in good condition (not that i'm blaming the mountain entirely, he should have been aware of that and noted it in his trick choice.) and taken out of commission for a while with a serious concussion.  Then, later that week I got hurt there too.  And I never get hurt skiing.  It was on a blue square though which is typical.  I never wipe out or anything on challenging terrain.  It's always somewhere stupidly easy that I make a fool of myself.  This was a situation where there was a very long sequence of rollers, however one of them did not roll, it just dropped off.  And I was making sure not to get air off of them because it was night time and there was a lot of traffic on the trail and I didn't want to misjudge anything.  In any case, i was sort of down in a low-ish stance and when the non-roller dropped away i rotated forward in the air and landed on my head and neck.  I skied the rest of the night, but I couldn't work for a few days afterward.  Then, my other cousin CP got hurt there the following night.  Three injuries in the same family in a week.  And I had always thought the conditions there were sub-par.  It always makes me feel like a worse skier than I really am when I'm there.  I don't know what it is. . .

Anyway, [#2] is slightly closer than [#1] and it's possible they pay more or have better schedules or their training doesn't conflict with anything.  So I'm considering it even though I'm not a huge fan.  I kind of grimace when I think about it, although I feel bad afterward.

Then there's [ski resort #3] which is so not a resort that it's ridiculous.  This is where I learned to ski and I would enjoy teaching there if only because it's a place where those who don't have a lot of money can enjoy themselves on the snow and be introduced to an awesome lifetime sport.  It's also the closest.  It's not that fun to ski, but it's never injured me seriously either.  And my best friend's family skis there.  The problem is that their season is short, the trails are short (so getting free skiing there isn't such a prize) and the roads to get there from where I live are mostly back roads that can be rather traitorous in the winter.  And I'm not exactly sure they have full-time instructors.

I'm still investigating other possibilities, but there doesn't seem anything else close enough that would be worth it.  We shall see.

I'm sure I have more to say, but now I want to research some employment things, so I'm done for now.

Maybe I'll post about nanowrimo tomorrow.  In short, it's going okay.  I love my characters.  I want to be in the story.  It has very little plot.
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I think I like it when nothing is going on.  Then I can do whatever I want.  I like having things to do, of course, and I get myself in charge of or involved in way to many things, but it's still nice when nothing is going on.

This is not one of those times.

And for some reason, my ears hurt a lot even though i wore ear plugs through most of work today.  I think it's the sinus issue aggravating everything.

Anyway, I'm trying to upload tracks to Bandcamp right now, and it takes entirely too long.  I'll be lucky if I get one album up today.  And by 'one album' I mean our EP which is only five songs long.  That's better than nothing though, and I can advertise that it's available online.
I'm going to upload our newest album last, because it hasn't been officially released and its official release is only going to be online.  So I figure that should be the last to go up.  I'm thinking about making a bandcamp site for myself as well and putting up my old album and my new hymn one when it's done.  anyway.

I wrote 1100 words for nanowrimo so far today.  I want to get more done tonight, and I'm hoping I can convince DH to go out to open mic even though I want to stay home so that I can write and go to bed really early (i'm very tired.  Think I have a sinus infection.)  I'm enjoying writing this story even though it only has the beginnings of a plot.

Work was fine, although maybe just because I know I'm quitting.  Quitting as soon as I have an income from another source.  I have to get a bit more info on when exactly I'll start getting paid at [ski resort] before I go taking myself out of the employment scene, as it were.  I'm
thinking it might very well be the last week of November.  But it also might not be until January.

Gosh, my ears hurt.  This is really quite rude.  I don't understand it and I feel as though I'm doing them permanent damage.  I truly hope it's related to my sinus situation.

Okay, track one uploaded and track two did not.  Trying track two again.

I have to teach Sunday School this weekend.  I have no idea what the lesson is.  Well, I know it has to do with David, but I'm not sure besides that.  I'll figure it all out Saturday night like I usually do.  Sunday is also Charge Conference, at which we learn lots of things about church bureaucracy and I attempt to get some useful information out of the D.S. regarding my pastor candidacy.

Oh, and Saturday I'm going to the doctor as well as the ski and snowboard expo.

All I want to do is avoid working tomorrow.  But I know that's not really an option.  There's this whole needing to make money business that I could really do without.  But there you are.  It's just the state of things.

I'll try to have a somewhat more coherent post later, if possible.  I'm very distracted by my terribly hurting ears and the fact that I'm typing on a different keyboard than normal.  Very different.  I find it hard to type on.  I am spending so much time thinking about typing that I am not thinking about writing, and so this is a scattered and confusing post, i fear.

In any case, I'm signing off.  See you later DW world.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:28 pm
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I am quitting my job, and that is it.  The only question is how soon.  Oh, and also, under what circumstances.

When I refuse to do the job of a playground monitor all day instead of my real job, which is music teacher, I just might get canned.

But I'm really not worried about it.

According to my mother, I'm still in demand around the public school district as a substitute and I have applied to teach at [ski resort] this winter as well as had an extensive conversation with the snow sports director.

Words to my boss: Your school is a joke.  It is more like a holding pen.  I thought it was different.

I think she might say something like "You're letting the children down".  And if she does I will either a) not respond, or b) say "And you've let me down".

I'd write more about this, but It's been ongoing and is very upsetting and I've already talked about it to my DH and both parents separately today, so going through everything a fourth time isn't really on my to-do list.

In any case, NaNoWriMo is so more important to me than all that crap right now.  And so is getting on the D.S. (District Superintendent for my district of the United Methodist Church) about rescheduling my Local Pastor candidacy meeting.

Aaah!  Too much going on!  And I haven't been 100% in the brain waves lately either.  And I forgot to take my lovely medication last night/this morning.

Boo.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?  I'm doubtful.


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