Nov. 8th, 2010 04:43 pm
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My writing has taken on a calm, meditative bent now, since there is snow and snow will do that to writing.  I'm terribly distracted by my husband talking loudly on the phone now that he's home, though.  I wish he would stay in the bedroom or lower his voice, though since i'm trying to write something coherent here.

After my post earlier, when i said it looked like it could snow but the puddles were wrong. . .

I went outside and it was sleeting!  Now, normally a person would not be happy about sleet, but i'm not a terribly normal person.  I am obsessed with winter.  Actually.

And then, when I came out of the doctor's office, it was snowing!  It has snowed all day and accumulated so much that the plows are out.  And the snow made it into my novel.

The last scene is about the first snow.  And I love it.  It's wonderful.  Winter is like, the ultra-best!

I've made it past 2K for the day, and we'll see if I make it to 3K, but my nano stats say I'm a day ahead again, so that's really all I can ask for, I suppose.  Two days ahead would be lovely.  Maybe by tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be meeting up with some other nano-ers at [local coffee shop] tomorrow and Wednesday afternoons, so maybe I'll be spurred on by their awesomeness and our collective word-churning power and get the count up there a bit.  Maybe the plot will even come along a little.

I hate writing dialogue, also.  I mean, I don't hate writing it, I just don't think I'm good at writing it.

I went to the doctor, as you know, and it turns out I do have a sinus infection, which is less than pleasant.  It got me out of working today, but I had to pay a $20 co-pay at the doctor and then get two $30 prescriptions, one of which I refused.  So I spent fifty dollars and didn't work so I didn't make any money either.  I wouldn't feel bad about it if i felt like I'd gotten a lot of writing done.  Now I just feel like I did an average amount.

And the PA at my doctor's office actually didn't ask me if I was feeling suicidal or homicidal for once, so that was a plus.  She didn't ask me if I was seeing a pdoc or tdoc either, which was a plus.  If I'd seen the actual doctor he would have asked me the latter, and the PA is always asking me the former, which is just awkward.  It's not like I'd tell her if i were feeling that way.

And now it is dark outside.  It is like winter.  I love it.  I'm having a fire tonight.  And wearing a scarf indoors.  And it's lovely.
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I only have about seven minutes to write before I am off to a doctor's appointment, so this will be short.  I plan to post more later, though as I will probably be needing a break from writing.  I'm shooting for 4K today, which I doubt will happen.  I'll be happy with 3K, and that's really quite a more reasonable goal as I have a bunch of other stuff to do as well, so perhaps I'll downgrade to that.  Reachable goals, reachable goals.

I have written less than 200 words this morning, but it's saying something that I've written at all.

I'm home from work today because I have to go to the doctor.  I'm sure my boss isn't too pleased, but that's not really my problem.  I've been sick for a few weeks and it's time to actually be checked out.  I think it's a sinus infection that has been getting incrementally worse.

Anyway (and I start far too many paragraphs with 'anyway') I've been playing around on the nano forums this morning, which I haven't really done much of yet besides my regional one.  It's been nice.  I've adopted some text messages to use in my novel and contributed some as well as some band names.

My FMC and MMC have finally met and now I have to sort out the details of what each of them have been up to for the past decade.  Thanks to the forums, though, I've at least come to the conclusion that the two of them refer to MMC's sister as "the crocodile".  That's not really fair to her, as she's a good person who's done a lot for MMC, but he resents her in a lot of ways, and it's a fun code name.

I really don't want FMC and her boyfriend to be together much longer, but I know they can't separate yet.  And I don't know what will happen with their living arrangements when they do.  I think FMC will stay in the apartment and her BF will move in with his friend from high school.

In other news, it looks very grey out and cold.  I know it's spritzing rain, but from inside I can pretend it's snow.  The sky has the right look and the light is right.  I just can't look at puddles, which are quite obviously not snow-melt puddles.  They are all wrong.

I wish snow would come. 
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I think I like it when nothing is going on.  Then I can do whatever I want.  I like having things to do, of course, and I get myself in charge of or involved in way to many things, but it's still nice when nothing is going on.

This is not one of those times.

And for some reason, my ears hurt a lot even though i wore ear plugs through most of work today.  I think it's the sinus issue aggravating everything.

Anyway, I'm trying to upload tracks to Bandcamp right now, and it takes entirely too long.  I'll be lucky if I get one album up today.  And by 'one album' I mean our EP which is only five songs long.  That's better than nothing though, and I can advertise that it's available online.
I'm going to upload our newest album last, because it hasn't been officially released and its official release is only going to be online.  So I figure that should be the last to go up.  I'm thinking about making a bandcamp site for myself as well and putting up my old album and my new hymn one when it's done.  anyway.

I wrote 1100 words for nanowrimo so far today.  I want to get more done tonight, and I'm hoping I can convince DH to go out to open mic even though I want to stay home so that I can write and go to bed really early (i'm very tired.  Think I have a sinus infection.)  I'm enjoying writing this story even though it only has the beginnings of a plot.

Work was fine, although maybe just because I know I'm quitting.  Quitting as soon as I have an income from another source.  I have to get a bit more info on when exactly I'll start getting paid at [ski resort] before I go taking myself out of the employment scene, as it were.  I'm
thinking it might very well be the last week of November.  But it also might not be until January.

Gosh, my ears hurt.  This is really quite rude.  I don't understand it and I feel as though I'm doing them permanent damage.  I truly hope it's related to my sinus situation.

Okay, track one uploaded and track two did not.  Trying track two again.

I have to teach Sunday School this weekend.  I have no idea what the lesson is.  Well, I know it has to do with David, but I'm not sure besides that.  I'll figure it all out Saturday night like I usually do.  Sunday is also Charge Conference, at which we learn lots of things about church bureaucracy and I attempt to get some useful information out of the D.S. regarding my pastor candidacy.

Oh, and Saturday I'm going to the doctor as well as the ski and snowboard expo.

All I want to do is avoid working tomorrow.  But I know that's not really an option.  There's this whole needing to make money business that I could really do without.  But there you are.  It's just the state of things.

I'll try to have a somewhat more coherent post later, if possible.  I'm very distracted by my terribly hurting ears and the fact that I'm typing on a different keyboard than normal.  Very different.  I find it hard to type on.  I am spending so much time thinking about typing that I am not thinking about writing, and so this is a scattered and confusing post, i fear.

In any case, I'm signing off.  See you later DW world.


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