Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:28 pm
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I am quitting my job, and that is it.  The only question is how soon.  Oh, and also, under what circumstances.

When I refuse to do the job of a playground monitor all day instead of my real job, which is music teacher, I just might get canned.

But I'm really not worried about it.

According to my mother, I'm still in demand around the public school district as a substitute and I have applied to teach at [ski resort] this winter as well as had an extensive conversation with the snow sports director.

Words to my boss: Your school is a joke.  It is more like a holding pen.  I thought it was different.

I think she might say something like "You're letting the children down".  And if she does I will either a) not respond, or b) say "And you've let me down".

I'd write more about this, but It's been ongoing and is very upsetting and I've already talked about it to my DH and both parents separately today, so going through everything a fourth time isn't really on my to-do list.

In any case, NaNoWriMo is so more important to me than all that crap right now.  And so is getting on the D.S. (District Superintendent for my district of the United Methodist Church) about rescheduling my Local Pastor candidacy meeting.

Aaah!  Too much going on!  And I haven't been 100% in the brain waves lately either.  And I forgot to take my lovely medication last night/this morning.

Boo.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?  I'm doubtful.


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