Nov. 8th, 2010 04:43 pm
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My writing has taken on a calm, meditative bent now, since there is snow and snow will do that to writing.  I'm terribly distracted by my husband talking loudly on the phone now that he's home, though.  I wish he would stay in the bedroom or lower his voice, though since i'm trying to write something coherent here.

After my post earlier, when i said it looked like it could snow but the puddles were wrong. . .

I went outside and it was sleeting!  Now, normally a person would not be happy about sleet, but i'm not a terribly normal person.  I am obsessed with winter.  Actually.

And then, when I came out of the doctor's office, it was snowing!  It has snowed all day and accumulated so much that the plows are out.  And the snow made it into my novel.

The last scene is about the first snow.  And I love it.  It's wonderful.  Winter is like, the ultra-best!

I've made it past 2K for the day, and we'll see if I make it to 3K, but my nano stats say I'm a day ahead again, so that's really all I can ask for, I suppose.  Two days ahead would be lovely.  Maybe by tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be meeting up with some other nano-ers at [local coffee shop] tomorrow and Wednesday afternoons, so maybe I'll be spurred on by their awesomeness and our collective word-churning power and get the count up there a bit.  Maybe the plot will even come along a little.

I hate writing dialogue, also.  I mean, I don't hate writing it, I just don't think I'm good at writing it.

I went to the doctor, as you know, and it turns out I do have a sinus infection, which is less than pleasant.  It got me out of working today, but I had to pay a $20 co-pay at the doctor and then get two $30 prescriptions, one of which I refused.  So I spent fifty dollars and didn't work so I didn't make any money either.  I wouldn't feel bad about it if i felt like I'd gotten a lot of writing done.  Now I just feel like I did an average amount.

And the PA at my doctor's office actually didn't ask me if I was feeling suicidal or homicidal for once, so that was a plus.  She didn't ask me if I was seeing a pdoc or tdoc either, which was a plus.  If I'd seen the actual doctor he would have asked me the latter, and the PA is always asking me the former, which is just awkward.  It's not like I'd tell her if i were feeling that way.

And now it is dark outside.  It is like winter.  I love it.  I'm having a fire tonight.  And wearing a scarf indoors.  And it's lovely.

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Oct. 31st, 2010 11:12 pm
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