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I was on facebook, thinking about writing (because of the impending NaNoWriMo) and then thought of LiveJournal.

So I updated my status asking if anyone still uses it.  I few people left mocking responses, which was fine with me.  It wasn't anyone that matters to me, and if it were, their mattering meter would have dropped at that point, anyway.

Then a friend of mine who I haven't seen or talked to in years responded.  As it happens, she's someone I really like a lot and wish I had stayed in touch with.  She said that she now uses DreamWidth for the most part.  So, respecting her choice as having good reason behind it, I checked DreamWidth out, and it seemed good.

So now I have signed up and this is my inaugural post.

I am very excited that there's a [community profile] nano_writers community!  I'm also excited about [community profile] common_nature.  I'm hoping to be more involved in communities here than I ever was at LJ.  I'd like to write openly about things I couldn't on the public blog I have for my music pursuits or on twitter or FB or whatever.  But I also want to connect with people I connect with, if you know what I mean.

So, we'll see.  I wish DreamWidth success, and I hope I can be a part of that. 


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