Nov. 1st, 2010

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I have met my goal for day one, which was 2500 words.  But I want to keep writing.  I'm not though, because I have some other things to do, like post here and write an email to my boss, which I am really putting off doing.  I may just talk to her in person.

I teach music at a Christian School.  We just started the program this year, and I designed it entirely myself.  After two months, it needs a little tweaking though.  I just hope she goes for it, and implements the changes quickly.  I'm also pretty sure my supplies were never ordered.

But anyway, I've reaffirmed my previous conclusion that plot is totally secondary to me compared with character development.  I never meant that to be the case, and I'd like to be better at writing action, but It just hasn't happened.  

I'm also a lot better at writing in the first person than the third person, which I never expected.  I was pretty against first person for a long time, reading and writing-wise.  But, obviously, I've gotten over that.  I might end up switching this year's NaNo novel to first person eventually.  I switched last year's back and forth a few times and then settled on a combo of first person for current day and third person for dream/vision/back-story scenes. 

Last year's novel, Octaves was totally fictional and the story was not inspired by my own life.  This year's however, Finding You, was inspired by my own life events, although it's not at all autobiographical.  

My own experience of having spent time in a psychiatric hospital and meeting someone there who I connected with and then lost touch with is the inspiration for Finding You.  The main characters are totally themselves, however, and their reasons for being in the hospital, their personalities and their families are not based on myself or the person I used to know.

Another difference between Octaves and Finding You is that Octaves took place in fictional cities, towns, etc.  Finding You, on the other hand, takes place in real-life settings, and it takes place in the area I live in.

So, between these two things, I worry that people I know (If I ever let them read any of it, after many, many drafts) will think the FMC (female main character) is a fictionalization of me and that her significant other is a fictionalization of my husband, and on and on it goes.  But, as I said, they're not.

One might say this is pointless worry, but I'm also a songwriter, and people like to read into my lyrics all the time.  In the end, I've only written 2500 words so far, probably no one will ever read it, and I know it's fiction, so I'm going to stop worrying for the moment.

And now i'm going to go see if the NaNoWriMo site is working. 


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