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Sitting at panera and just got out 332 words for the morning before I get off to work.  I think that's pretty good since I had to re-plan and re-outline a scene at the same time.

The outlet location at panera is dreadful.  Most of the tables I'd actually like to sit at are nowhere near plugs, and even if they are, a cord would create a trip-wire.  Maybe the real problem is my completely useless computer battery more than it is the location of the plugs though.  It's up for grabs I suppose.

 I'm going over to my parents' house this afternoon to work on some band stuff (my DH and I have an acoustic duo).  I'm uploading all our recordings to which is sure to take forever, mostly because they only accept files in lossless formats, such as FLAC and WAV.

If I'm doing what I should I'll get writing done while all that stuff uploads.  And it could take a while because I have four albums worth to get online.

Maybe I'll actually talk to my boss today about where the music program is headed.  I hope so, but I also don't hope so.  I am so uninterested in work right now.  It will probably remain this way for the rest of November due to nanowrimo, but maybe my proposed improvements will help.

In any case, I have to shut down the computer, use the bathroom (overshare!) and go to work.  So I'm off.
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